Vision Statement

  •  Strive to be leaders and role models in the community we serve
  •  Be accountable to those we serve, each other, and any fire service organization with whom we interact
  •  Be committed to providing the best public safety services through innovative training, education, and equipment
  •  Be willing to take the District into the future through productive teamwork, open and honest communication, and participative decision making throughout the organization
  •  Are committed to our mission and values, and be dedicated to the fire service

to protect life, property, and the environment...

​​​​​The District faces unique challenges in keeping pace with the changing world in which we live and work.  We must not forget the traditions and people who brought us to this point.  However, we must adapt, be flexible, and be progressive in order to be successful.  We believe the following statements will provide with a vision that will enable us to continue to be an exceptional organization.

February 13, 2018 - Grant County Fire District 8 is pleased to announce that it has purchased a 10-acre parcel on the corner of SR 243 S and Road 22.5 SW.  The District intends to build a new main fire station on the parcel to replace the current main fire station in Mattawa, which was sold in October 2017.

The cost to buy the land was $290,000.  The projected cost to build the new facility is currently estimated at $2.5 to $3 million.  The District plans to begin construction in late 2018 and transfer into the new facility during the first quarter of 2020.  Some of the planned features of the new facility include larger vehicle bays, residential quarters, and proper decontamination and exhaust systems. 

The new facility will be designed to aid the District in continuing to provide exceptional fire protection and emergency medical services to the residents and visitors of the changing and growing area it serves.

Area and Coverage of the District

  • The Town of Mattawa and the School District are served by contract
  • District boundaries are approximately 248 square miles
  • Vernita Rest Stop is covered by contract
  • Wanapum Dam, Wanapum Village, Beverly, and Schawana are covered by mutual aid agreements with District 10
  • The Priest Rapids Indian Village is covered by contract

About Us


  • Became a rural fire department in June 19, 1958
  • County Commissioners created fire districts in November 1968 and our first fire commissioners were appointed
  • If somebody needed help, volunteers responded a garden hose and shovel
  • First unit was a 1943 International airport crash truck
  • Second unit was a white half-track Unit 814
  • The first district building was moved from Priest Rapids to Mattawa and is now the training classroom
  • Station 81 was built in 1977 followed by Station 82 in 1980 and Station 83 in 1990