Commissioner #5, Russell Brixey

Commissioner Brixey became a volunteer firefighter after graduating high school. He was an EMT-IV in Yakima before coming back to Mattawa in 1995 when he began volunteering as an EMT-IV and firefighter. He was appointed and elected Commissioner in 2013.

Commissioner #3, Richard kummer

Commissioner Kummer was a volunteer firefighter and ambulance driver from 2007 to 2015. He was appointed to his position in 2012 and elected in 2013.


Commissioner #1, Paul Parker

Commissioner Parker is a founding volunteer member of the District. He was appointed as a Commissioner in 1967 and was elected in 1969. He continued to volunteer his time as a firefighter and ambulance driver until 2010 when he retired from active duty.


Business Manager / District Secretary Barbara Davis

District Secretary Davis was hired as the Business Manager and appointed as the District Secretary in October 2012. She became an EMT and AHA BLS Instructor for HeartStart First Aid/CPR/AED and Healthcare Providers in 2013.

Fire Chief David patterson

Chief Patterson joined the District in 2008 as volunteer firefighter. He became an EMT in 2009, an EMT-IV in 2010, AEMT in 2011, and an EMS Evaluator in 2012. He was hired as the Deputy Fire Chief in February 2013 and is also the Training Officer for the District.  He was appointed Interim Fire Chief in January 2015 and appointed Fire Chief in April 2015.

Firefighter/EMT Josh McConnell

Firefigher McConnell was hired in January 2018.  He was a firefighter for Yakima County Fire District 5, an EMT for AMR, and is still a volunteer firefighter/EMT with Sunnyside Fire Department.

Commissioner #2, Scott Nesbit

Commissioner Nesbit was a volunteer from 2000 to 2010. He was appointed to the Commissioner position in 2010 before being elected to the position in 2011.

Commissioner #4, debra crain

Commissioner Crain became a volunteer in the late 1990s as an EMT and firefighter. She was appointed and elected to her Commissioner position in 2011.

Captain Darryl hudson

Captain Hudson joined the District in 2002 as a volunteer firefighter and was active until 2012 when he moved out of the area.  He was hired as a Captain in January 2016 and became an EMT in September 2016.